Lighthouse application deploys 25 sensors in Varna

Our app Lighthouse beacons are now located on 25 of the most interesting tourist sites in Varna. Every visitor to the city can be notified when he or she is close to one of the largest (and small) landmarks in the city. With the cooperation of the municipality of Varna, beacons were placed on sites such as the Assumption Cathedral, some of  the great Bulgarian revolutionaries such as Vasil Levski, the alley of the Olympic hopes, the park in Asparuhovo and many others.

We used the most popular “urban furniture” – the street lamps of the city to deploy the sensors. The sensors themselves do not draw electricity, they are powered by batteries that can last up to 2 years without replacement.


Exclusive thanks to the teams of the departments of Tourism , Infrastructure and Culture in the Municipality of Varna, as well as the Deputy Mayor of Varna Mr. Kosta Bazitov and the Mayor of Varna Mr. Ivan Portnih.

The Lighthouse application will continue its expansion in Varna and other cities in Bulgaria. Lighthouse app works also on the project “Inno Think Tank”  part of European Youth Capital called iSport,  aiming at linking all municipal sports grounds in Varna to improve the awareness and increase the use of the sites for sports by all residents and visitors of the city. For more information on “Isport”: The official Facebook page of the projectLighthouse App

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