Smart Travel App will guide tourists who visit Bulgaria in Summer 2017

This is a translated text from the Bulgarian National Television channel BNT. You can find the original article here:

Three Varna locals created a tourist guide for smartphone using one of the most advanced connectivity technologies – Beacons. The application is free in google play and entered the market just as in Varna began to arrive the first tourists.

The most interesting places on the Black Sea are presented in a fun way in English . Anyone who has installed the application on a smartphone or tablet receives a push notification – image, coordinates and a brief description of an object when passing by 100 meters away.

Ivan Dimitrov
“What we created is certainly a clearer presentation of small objects that are not shown anywhere on the WEB.”

Chilean born, Daniel Montiglio,  responsible for the presentation of the tourist sites in the Annex interesting and catchy way.

Daniel Montiglio
“What I as a foreigner find interesting, I think maybe can be interesting for the tourists also.”

The application uses a unique technology for the country – Beacon. Developed several years ago, they are already  easy to use and provide accurate navigation in many institutions and businesses in the United States. But, buying them is too expensive. So the team began to produce them themselves.

Julian Sapundzhiev
“This technology allows low energy connectivity of the phone to a place around and I think that this is the sole option that will not wear out your phone battery and at the same time whenever you’re near a place, you will get the necessary information.”

The team has already installed its Beacons on airports in Varna and Burgas, as well as many key locations in the region. So far the app contain more than 40 sites of Varna and soon more than 250 hotels, restaurants, museums and local businesses will join.

You can find the video here: INTERVIEW appLighthouse

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